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Hi, I’m Nicole!

My favorite season of the year is Fall, I enjoy watching football with my family and creating resources and online trainings. My job is to make becoming an effective coach simple.

I have spent 10+ years in the field of education and have held several roles. After serving in these different capacities, I was able to work with instructional coaches and classroom teachers to grow from good to great and that’s why I started Educator's Caravan.

Being overwhelmed as a new coach, I quickly realized that I couldn’t do it alone and I figured out a way to build an outside support system and that has been the KEY to becoming a confident and impactful instructional coach.

Together we can make Instructional Coaching Simple for YOU!

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You are the Instructional Coach, Now What?

80 Questions Asked And Answered From The Field

Becoming an effective and impactful coach can be challenging. 

I have made it simple.

Download my FREE eBook + get the top questions that Instructional Coaches have asked and now answered from the field. 

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