The Mission of Educator's Caravan is to work side by side with teachers, coaches and administration, helping to uncover their talents and to IMPROVE upon the craft of teaching and learning to increase student achievement.


Onsite Support

Onsite support typically includes six to twelve days of consulting work across the school year. While we design these sessions to meet the needs of the district, we recommend the following: professional development focused on coaching practice, coaching labs, and opportunities for discussion, reflection, and problem solving.

We model everything we ask you to do.  A new technique in the classroom?  We are with YOUR kids showing you what that looks like!  Working with a resistant bunch of teachers?  We are right there modeling with YOUR teachers how to navigate the tough spots. Quite honestly, we are not interested in talking about the work, we are obsessed with DOING THE WORK WITH YOU in “real time” at your school. Here’s what that might include:

  • Quick data crunching session
  • Consultant modeling in classrooms the new technique or new idea
  • Debriefing with teachers/other staff following the in-class model
  • Facilitate team meetings to practice the new technique
  • Collaborate with staff members to create their next steps based upon the model and debriefing
  • Debrief with leadership and create simple next steps in preparation for next quarter’s visit

Each of our on-site consultations are customized just for you.  Your grant requirements, your student score goals, your instructional concerns drive the content of what we do on site.  One thing you should know about us?  We use what you have in place first – our work is not about buying more and more and more stuff.  In fact, most of what we do is to simplify your teaching. Curious about what this would look like at your site?  Drop us a line and let’s start talking about it!

Considering Smith Curriculum & Consulting for any professional development workshops? Feel free to peruse the listings of professional development workshops that are offered as well as the calendar of booked dates below. I love traveling all over the country for workshops in different school districts!

If you are interested in bringing Smith Curriculum & Consulting to your area, complete the Training Request Form to obtain information about presenting a workshop in your area.

Workshops are available in Full Day and Half Day  formats.

Current Workshops Include:

Instructional coaches provide differentiated support that helps teachers implement evidence-based practices in a variety of educational settings. Sibme enhances the instructional coaching process by allowing coaches and teachers to set professional learning goals, share resources, and share video of classroom teaching anytime, anywhere.


Sometimes a little extra support is all it takes to give your teachers the skills they need to grow. Our expert-led Coaching and Training Services help you build instructional leadership and teacher capacity across your school in order to move students back to grade level or beyond.


World-class experts. All our coaches and trainers are certified experts with deep knowledge and understanding of curriculum and instruction; they all have instructional, leadership, and coaching experience in education.

Custom coaching and training. All coaching and training is aligned and customized to your unique needs and goals, making sure your educators get exactly what they need.

Comprehensive support for sustained professional growth. Our expert coaches and trainers combine highly personalized PD technology and resources with best in class planning, implementation, coaching and modeling services to provide a complete growth experience.

Personalized professional learning. We help you support your teachers and leaders by creating highly effective personalized learning initiatives in your schools.

Insight provides content-specific and differentiated coaching for educators that acceleratesgrowth unlike any other form of professional learning.

There is significant evidence that high-quality observations and meaningful feedback are among the most effective ways to promote the growth of teachers. Here are three ways we support schools and districts to do this:


These are the trainings that we do best and get the best results from!  All are written by us and are totally practical and go-and-use-right-away designed!


  • How to Teach the Common Core (K-12 audience, 4-6 day training)
  • How to Differentiate Instruction (K-12 audience, 1-2 day training)
  • How to Teach Students to Critically Think About Text (K-12 Audience, 1-2 day training)
  • How to Teach Students to Write Informational Text (K-12 Audience, 2-day training)


  • Instructional Coaching Training (Newer coaches of K-12 teachers, 3-day training)
  • Coaching Academy (Experienced coaches who have been through the Instructional Coaching Training of K-12 teachers, 2-day training)

Teacher coaching

Develop professional skills through modeling, observation, feedback and coaching.


Leadership coaching

Apply a cycle of continuous improvement to make decisions based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative information.

Professional development

Use data to inform instruction and build content-specific skills in literacy or mathematics, classroom management, instructional alignment, student engagement and more.

Benefits of In-Person Workshops

A teachers work doesn’t end when she steps out of her classroom. Being a life-long learner makes one a great teacher and allows them to go beyond the textbook. When teachers are able to attend an in person workshop it allows them to not only gather a hands-on grasp at new knowledge but also time to collaborate with peers in different areas. As educators we know that when students remember 70% of what they hear80% of what they discuss and 90% of what they teach others.